Pillar Sensor

Pillar Technologies is a start up based in Boston area. They teamed up with Ideaz for a fast-paced product development program. Together Pillar was able to realize their vision for their new construction site sensor product in record time – including design, engineering and functional prototypes. Ideaz had them field testing, having media events and funding raising –in a matter of months.

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Pillar’s devices are deployed widely across building sites and detects temperature, humidity, dust particulates, mold, atmospheric pressure, noise, vibration and volatile organic compounds - among other environmental factors to keep construction sites personnel safe and informed.

Pillar’s proprietary system operates on a subscription based mesh network platform that pushes information out to individuals on a need-to-know basis thereby reducing information overload and identifying problems before they become disasters. The system also keeps a database of all sensors for the entire time building is under construction and ends when the owners get a certificate of occupancy.

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