OMG / Fastenmaster FusionLoc

OMG and IDEAZ collaborated on a hidden deck fastener installation tool – FUSIONLoc. Previously individual clips were loose and had to be installed one at a time – in right orientation – by hand.

The FUSIONLoc holds five clips in a strip that are advanced by hand. Next fastener automatically advances once previous one has been installed and snapped off.

FUSIONLoc aligns screw and clip in proper orientation making installing hidden fasteners easier, faster and more accurate.

Align tool, drop in screw, drive screw and snap off clip. Advance to next clip.

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  • Five-clip strips are easier to handle
  • Faster installation – saves contractor time
  • Patent pending
  • Ergonomic
  • Cost-effective

  • CyVek Analyzer
  • Modify Furniture
  • NuVinci Controller
  • OMG FrameFast
  • OMG FusionLoc
  • Pillar Sensor
  • AeroGrow AeroGarden
  • Defibtech AED
  • Duracell Flashlights
  • Easton Lacrosse head
  • FoodSaver/GameSaver
  • Fox racing shocks
  • Gilmour Nozzle Line
  • Gilmour Sprinkler Line
  • OnGuard Bicycle Locks
  • Travelpro Magna Luggage
  • Tubbs snowshoes
  • WiniaMando Airwasher

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