OMG/Fastenmaster FrameFast

Hurricane ties are stamped sheet metal pieces that are attached when building in coastal zones. The process to install them is time consuming and laborious – and potentially dangerous. It requires a worker on a ladder, compressor, hose and nail gun. The worker must move and climb up and down the ladder to make each connection. Each hurricane tie must be nailed with up to ten nails!

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Game over for old hurricane ties

IDEAZ teamed up with OMG to create the new FrameFast device that would make stamped hurricane ties obsolete. It is a paradigm shift in how hurricane compliant wood connections are made. Simply put, it consists of a FrameFast device, powered by Milwaukee, and a single proprietary fastener developed by Fastenmaster. No ladder, no compressor and hoses needed. The code compliant connection is made in under 10 seconds without a ladder.

FastenMaster, a division of OMG.

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  • NuVinci Controller
  • OMG FrameFast
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  • Defibtech AED
  • Duracell Flashlights
  • Easton Lacrosse head
  • FoodSaver/GameSaver
  • Fox racing shocks
  • Gilmour Nozzle Line
  • Gilmour Sprinkler Line
  • OnGuard Bicycle Locks
  • Travelpro Magna Luggage
  • Tubbs snowshoes
  • WiniaMando Airwasher

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