Fox Racing Shox

Fox and Ideaz have worked together for many years to deliver world class forks with cutting-edge design and engineering.

Ideaz' passion for all things mountain bike-related has fueled the continual pursuit of innovative designs for forks, controls, and accessories.

Get stoked on the new 27.5'' TALAS with the new CTD controls and ride the latest in cycling technology.

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Fox Racing Shox sets the bar impossibly high and continues to grow marketshare through products that look better, function better, and last longer than the competition.

  • Design
  • Engineering

  • CyVek Analyzer
  • Modify Furniture
  • NuVinci Controller
  • OMG FrameFast
  • OMG FusionLoc
  • Pillar Sensor
  • AeroGrow AeroGarden
  • Defibtech AED
  • Duracell Flashlights
  • Easton Lacrosse head
  • FoodSaver/GameSaver
  • Fox racing shocks
  • Gilmour Nozzle Line
  • Gilmour Sprinkler Line
  • OnGuard Bicycle Locks
  • Travelpro Magna Luggage
  • Tubbs snowshoes
  • WiniaMando Airwasher

Exciting news— is now!

In a moment you'll be redirected to our new site. We've changed our web address, branding, and email addresses. We've also found a better way to express our capabilities and the direction of the company: "We design how people live + work + play."

Enjoy the new site, and we look forward to hearing from you!

– The Ideaz Team

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