CertusView Electronic Marking Wand

IDEAZ and CertusView (a Dycom Company) set out to build the industry’s first smart-technology-based paint device. The marking of utilities in the field is a process that has typically incolved a worker with a marking spray can and a locating wand. If a paint mark is dug up or fades and pipes are damaged, blame and a lawsuit usually follow.

The CertusView EMW completely changes the process digitally. It captures paint color, GPS location, shape, and may other data points, and overlays the data onto utility maps. This ensures the information is available via mobile device in the field and reduces risk for contractors.

CertusView – Making a mark on the future.

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  • Risk mitigation
  • Document the paint color being applied, layer over utility maps
  • Automatically record the GPS location and time of every paint mark
  • Allow the user to implement tie-downs and landmark identification
  • Seamlessly integrate with CertusView's e-Sketch system

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