Award-winning, scalable teams at your service.


Brilliant solutions begin with a clear understanding of the challenge at hand. That's why we always do our homework—like category research, shop-alongs, experience audits, etcetera. Only with a clear understanding are we able to create innovative solutions that meet your objectives and delight your consumers. From research to retail, innovation is an important part of every aspect of our process.


Beauty is more than carbon-fiber deep. And our product designers do a lot more than just create great-looking concepts. They have experience using your products, a thorough understanding of your users' challenges/needs/desires, and an astute engineering perspective that allows them to recognize opportunities for innovation. Whether the team is challenged with complex engineering problems or an aesthetic make-over, we deliver products that are beautiful inside and out.


In our case, form doesn't just follow function. Our engineering expertise and manufacturing savvy mesh nicely with our creative design through every step of our process. This fusion of engineering and design—along with many years of on-the-ground manufacturing experience (domestically and in Asia)—results in products that are readily differentiated in the marketplace, easily manufacturable, provide great ROI for you and resonate with consumers.


We offer a full set of product development services—from A to Z. Whether in-house or through our ecosystem of strategic partners, we'll put together a customized team to provide you with everything you need, and nothing you don't. Services include:

  • Research
  • Industrial Design
  • Structural Packaging
  • Graphic Design
  • Mechanical Engineering (SolidWorks/ProEngineer)
  • Model Making
  • Testing/Validation
  • Manufacturing Selection/Qualification
  • Manufacturing Transition
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Photography